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The original Mostly Kosher T-Shirt. Crew neck, and EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE, even to sleep in, (we won't tell...). Next Level brand. 


Once, several years back, I bought a T-Shirt on sale at Milton's Dress-4-Less and I was in the middle of my sisterhood meeting and I couldn't even concentrate on the babka because I was so itchy. At first I thought it was my fabric softener, but NO! It was my T-shirt that was itching me. I went back to Milton's only an hour later to try to return it but they would only give me store credit because of the coffee stain on the front. It was only decaf.


I would hate to have this happen to you.

Mostly Kosher Mens T-Shirt

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Unisex model. Next Level brand. Sizes S through 3XL. Logo on the front, website on the sleeve and Word to Your Bubbe on the back. VERY COMFORTABLE.

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